When it comes to your wedding day one thing to remember is you want to look like yourself. On trend fashion colours will date quickly and the last thing you want is to look back in 5yrs time at those beautiful photos and say “dear lord what was i thinking”. (80’s blue eye shadow anyone?)

I love natural but flawless skin and neutral tones for eyes and hair colour, it’s timeless and looks good with any shape or skin tone. It’s ok to introduce a hint of  colour around the eyes but remember the colour that’s in for this year will not hang around long where your photos will be on your wall for years.

I like to keep with neutral toned eye shadows and introduce colour in the eyeliner or a slight enhancer in a soft shadow in the outer corners of the eye for just an illusion of colour.

Here are the power shades to enhance and draw attention to your eye colour.

Brown eyes – Greens, champagnes, bronzes, golds, browns and blues. Also try peach, corals, copper, pink, pale purples and burnt oranges.

Blue eyes – brown/orange, taupe, grey, violet, purple, deep blue and silver. To emphasize blue eyes try brown and rose shadows.

Green eyes – Brown colours from light beige’s – deep chocolate browns. Light purples and pinks will compliment green eyes, but stay away from greens olives and silvers.

Hazel eyes – Browns, gold, pink and lavender. Plum, khaki and mocha. Purple makes eyes more dramatic and use soft pink for a more romantic look. Avoid – Blue, silver, grey and blue black.

Fair skin should always avoid anything remotely orange or brassy as this will look  un-natural every time.

Mature eyes should always avoid anything with shimmer as this will enhance lines and age you more.

Keep the inner-eye  light to avoid looking tired and never use purple on fair skin as it will look like a bruise.

If your skin is naturally pink or red avoid anything pink around the eyes as this will only make it worse.

To lighten up tired eyes you can apply some Visine (from the chemist) and some chamomile tea bags (wet and refrigerated)over the eye to reduce redness, then apply a white eyeliner on the insides of your eyes.

Consult a professional eyebrow shaper to have your face shape and eye shape taken into consideration.

Always use mascara to finish the look as this will enhance ad open up the eye.