Cloud Nine Wand

After 3 years of being an educator for global brand “ghd”, it would seem a natural choice for me to use and recommend them in my new Balmain Salon, but after a visit from the new kid on the block and the original maker of ghd “Cloud Nine” i was intrigued. What was all the hype and why are thousands of loyal ghd experts and followers converting to Cloud Nine?

Having the Cloud Nine irons and wand for a week to use in the salon and in our session styling, we are all now on Cloud Nine too.

The amazing technology is revolutionary, like nothing i have ever seen in my 15 years of hairdressing. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better i am completely converted.

With its ease of use rounded barrel, universal swivel cord and state of the art ceramic plates it glides through the hair as if it were coated in butter.

Temperature control is one of the strongest selling points for me as i did find after years of using my ghd my hair was dry and seemed to lack the shine and bounce it used to.

My fine but quite obedient hair did not need the searing heat of the ghd and being able to straighten or curl with ease and longevity but on a lesser temperature was just what i needed.

“The O” was something i am absolutely besotted with, the bounce and body you can achieve with this system is incredible. I love that its so easy to use. Heating rollers in 4 seconds flat, is not only groundbreaking but in my busy life a necessity. The lightweight velcro roller is so easy to apply with no pins to fiddle with i can take large sections for volume or smaller sections for waves and curls.

Using 7 times less power than the traditional hot rollers it’s not only eco friendly but saves $$$.

Now on to my favorite of the range “The Cloud Nine Wand”, this is for all of those obsessed with the beach waves, soft or tight curls, finger waves or an afro. “The Wand” is the easiest tool to use for anyone, no matter the skill level. With it’s cone shaped barrel you can create any type of curl or wave you desire. This has now become the “Go to” tool for all of our stylists.

So to wrap up the review lets just say that you should join me on “Cloud Nine”.


Little more on the O Hot rollers..


TheO – The next generation of style






The O from Cloud Nine is a groundbreaking innovation in professional styling. Cloud Nine has dramatically evolved traditional rollers beyond recognition, bringing them into line with the needs of today. This is the next generation of style, and it’s nothing short of incredible. TheO will transform the way you style your hair forever. From the choice of soft-grip roller sizes, to the unique induction heat technology that takes them from cold to 130º in less than four seconds, it gives you the freedom to create gorgeous looks that are full of body, volume and movement.

TheO is the future of styling